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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by Lake, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. Lake

    Lake Customers

    Congratulations on some pretty amazing themes!

    Here are my questions:

    1) Can I easily change the height of the carousel in skins like Olivia? it's a little too high for my forum. (Haven't purchased it yet)
    2) Why are these support forums empty? I thought you'd be one of the most popular skin makers by now. Makes no sense to me.
    3) How come you're using Xenforo on these forums? (I'm asking because your motto is "IPSMake focuses on creating simple, minimalistic, content-rich IPS themes that are absolutely elegant. Our mission is to provide faster and better service support. We love IPB")

    Cheers and keep up the outstanding work!
  2. IPSMake

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    Our forum has been transformed many times and many unnecessary topics have been deleted. Only the database information of our old members has been set up. We also give general support services here to make it faster. Therefore, the customers do not talk much to the forums. The transactions we have made through the support system are fast and free.
    This is a matter of general preference. We use XenForo software for our sales system and for customers' follow-up. We've already been using the IPS system before.

    Best regards. ;)
  3. Lake

    Lake Customers

    Thanks a lot, just purchases a license for "Olivia". It's a pretty mindblowing design!

    By the way, I've seens ome Xenforo skins and they look pretty cool. I'm surprised nobody has done a "Xenforo look alike" for IPB. I just searched ipb's marketplace and there's nothing.

  4. IPSMake

    IPSMake Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you for choosing us as a theme provider. I am currently working on XenForo 2.0 styles. Following the XenForo work, the IPS themes will be updated.