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    Hello to everyone,

    As you know, the withdrawal of Paypal from our country and the military coup in the country, the new theme production and the restraint of the support on the IPS have deeply affected us as much as all our customers. Because we have produced the work done by taking the time and effort. The lack of empathy in this direction has made us seriously distressed. We continued to provide support on our own web site. Fortunately, we have decided to reactivate by leaving all the negativity behind.

    In this sense, our website has undergone a serious update process. After a long search we have again updated all our skins to conform to IPS 4.2.x structure. If IPS 4.2.x stable version has not yet been published, skin updates will continue in parallel with IPS.

    With a new forum structure, we want to create a quality environment for our customers with a cleaner and more convenient system. All our customers' licenses are valid. What a pity old subjects and private messages are cleaned.

    We will never again face such bad situations again.

    I present my respect and love to everyone.

    IPSMake Management.